Lincoln Way App

The Lincoln Way™ App

Lincoln Way™and Lincoln Access Rewards™ allow you to operate your Lincoln, access important vehicle details such as maintenance schedule, and contact a personal Concierge, all from your mobile device.


The Lincoln Way app is our ownership app that helps Lincoln Clients remotely interact with their vehicle, dealership and Lincoln. Using the Lincoln Way app, Clients can:

Operate Remote Control Vehicle Features.

If equipped and assigned to a vehicle with an active Lincoln Connect modem, Clients can operate helpful features, like unlocking the doors or starting their vehicle, right from the app

Monitor Vehicle.

The Lincoln Way app allows Clients to check fuel and fluid levels, maintenance intervals and more- anytime, anywhere

Connect with Preferred Dealer.

Provides contact information or enables Clients to set appointments and communicate through the app.

Lincoln Pickup & Delivery™.

Arrange complimentary Lincoln Pickup & Delivery Service at the Client's preferred dealership

Help Provided by the Concierge.

Get one-on-one help via phone or live chat from a friendly and knowledgeable Concierge. The Concierge is always happy to help with any Lincoln Way app needs or questions the Client may have

Locate Helpful Products and Services Nearby.

A map-based tool directs Clients to Lincoln dealerships,fuel, parking and more

Engage with Lincoln.

Clients can access their secured Lincoln Automotive Financial Services account, make a payment and tracktheir Lincoln Access Rewards Point totals and available offers

The Lincoln Way App Tour


A convenient starting point, providing quick access to:

  • Vehicle Information - Access vehicle information and service history from the Move screen. Plus, with Lincoln Connect(modem) and SYNC App Link-equipped vehicles, Clients can receive Vehicle Health Alerts

  • Vehicle Controls - Start, lock and unlock a Lincoln Connect equipped vehicle - and even schedule starts!

  • Preferred Dealer Information and Access - By setting a dealership as Preferred Dealer, Clients see hours of operation, contact information and even easily schedule service appointments

  • Message Tiles - Welcome Clients and highlight helpful features and offers


A map-based tool helps locate important products and services nearby:

  • Fuel - Find stations, filter searches by fuel grade or brand

  • Food - Locate and/or contact

  • Parking - Helps Clients find parking(4) ahead of time

  • Dealers - Locate and/or contact

  • Coffee - Locate and/or contact


The Lincoln Way app virtual help desk

  • Chat, Call or Email - Access to one-on-one help from a friendly and knowledgeable Concierge.The Concierge is always happy to help with any Lincoln Way app needs or questions

  • My Vehicles - Manage, access and enter vehicle information


Provides easy, secure access to:

  • Lincoln Access Rewards - View available points and member-exclusive offers

  • Lincoln Automotive Financial Services -Stay on top of vehicle's financing, make a payment, schedule future payments and review account history

  • Wallet - A single place to track and manage purchases across all of the Lincoln Way app services

  • Message Center - Receive timely messages such as important notifications and service alerts

  • Reservations - Keeps track of Pickup& Delivery reservations made using the Lincoln Way app

  • Settings - Where to go to update username, password and more

  • Permissions - Control communication and privacy options


1. Download the Lincoln Way App.

  • Go to the App Store® or Google Play™ Store
  • Download the Lincoln Way app

NOTE: Keep the Lincoln Way app up-to-date through the App Store or Google Play.

2. Enroll - Create Account or Log In.

  • Create an Owner Account by entering basic information into the Lincoln Way app
  • Those with an existing Owner Account can log in using their existing username and password

3. Create a PIN (Personal Identification Number).

  • Enter and confirm a 4-digit PIN for added security
  • iPhone® users can also choose to use Touch ID®

4. Add Lincoln Connect-Equipped Vehicle (4G Embedded Modem).

  • Add a vehicle to the Lincoln Way app by manually entering it or scanning the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) barcode, located on the driver's door frame or window label
  • Assign the vehicle a nickname. This name will appear in a personal welcome on the start-up screen
  • Enter a "Preferred Dealer," ensuring the Client receives communications and offers from your dealership

5. Activate Lincoln Connect-Equipped Vehicle (4G Embedded Modem).

  • In the Lincoln Way app: Enter a Lincoln Connect equipped vehicle, select "Vehicle Details", select"Activate Vehicle" and follow the steps
  • In the Vehicle: Start the vehicle and select "Allow"when the pop-up message appears on the SYNC 3 touchscreen. It may take a couple of minutes for the system to complete the process

6. Sign-Up and Start Wi-Fi Hotspot (Optional).

  • Select "Vehicle Details", then "Vehicle Hotspot" and follow the steps
  • Select the AT&T-provided link on screen to activate the trial period
  • No credit card is required to activate the Wi-Fi hotspot data trial

7. Activate Phone As A Key (If Equipped).

  • Tap the "Key Controls" button at the top of the Lincoln Way home screen to begin Phone As A Key setup.Additionally, the Client can navigate to the Vehicle Details page, scroll down and click "Phone As A Key Setup Required"
  • Input the Client's Lincoln Way app user name and password
  • Name the virtual key and click "Next." The virtual key will download to the Lincoln Way app
  • Follow the prompts in Lincoln Way to secure a Bluetooth® connection between the smartphone and the vehicle
  • When the Bluetooth connection has been established,Phone As A Key setup is complete and a Backup Start Passcode can be created
  • The SYNC touchscreen will remind the Client to setup the Backup Start Passcode for five key ignition cycles. Follow the prompts on the SYNC touch screen to create the passcode, which can be used if the smartphone is lost or phone battery is dead

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